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IBM launches new initiative to help China meet its environmental goals

IBM has launched a new project, known as Green Horizon, aimed to help China deliver on ambitious energy and environmental goals.

IBM’s China Research laboratory-led ten-year initiative, which will support China in transforming its national energy systems, sets out to leap beyond current global practices in air quality management, renewable energy forecasting and energy optimisation for industry.

The Beijing Municipal Government has signed collaboration agreement with IBM to work together to develop solutions, which can help tackle the city’s air pollution challenges.

In order to improve air quality, Beijing will invest more than $160bn to deliver on its target of reducing harmful fine Particulate Matter (PM 2.5) particles by 25% by 2017.

IBM and the Beijing Municipal Government will support the initiative by developing a system that will enable authorities to pinpoint the type, source and level of emissions and predict air quality in the city.

“Science-based decision support systems, combined with sophisticated data analysis is exactly what the Chinese government needs.”

Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy energy and climate program resident scholar Tao Wang said, “Science-based decision support systems, combined with sophisticated data analysis is exactly what the Chinese government needs to address the country’s energy and environmental issues.”

The government will use the accurate, real-time data about Beijing’s air quality to address environmental issues by adjusting production at specific factories or alerting citizens about developing air quality issues.

The Chinese Government, as part of the transformation of Chinese industry, aims to reduce the country’s carbon intensity by 40 – 45% by the year 2020.

In order to support the goals, IBM will develop a new system to help monitor, manage and optimise the energy consumption of industrial enterprises, which represent more than 70% of China’s total energy consumption.

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