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Metso partners with CNIM group on greenfield bioenergy projects in France and the UK

The orders awarded to Metso are intended for two greenfield waste-to-energy plants in Battlefield, Shropshire, and in Leeds (UK), and two greenfield biomass-to-energy plants in Estrées-Mons (France) and in Ridham Dock (UK). The CNIM group acts as a contractor in all these projects.

Following is a summary of the bioenergy projects:

  • The new waste-to-energy plant in Leeds will have an electric output of 11 MW, enough to power 20,000 households. It is designed to process up to 20.5 tons of waste per hour of black bin waste a year, allowing the city to reach the target of recycling more than 60% of its waste. The plant is planned to go on line in 2016.
  • The Battlefield waste-to-energy plant in Shropshire is designed to process 45% of the municipal waste produced in the county and generate enough electricity to power 10,000 households. The plant is planned to be operational in 2015. Both the Leeds plant and Battlefield facility are owned and will be operated by Veolia Environmental Services as well.
  • The new biomass-to-energy plant in Estrées-Mons is owned and will be operated by Nerea, a subsidiary of the French group Akuo Energy. Once on line at the end of 2014, it will have an electric output of 13 MW, powering 25,000 households. The plant is part of France’s national green energy program CRE, which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and curb climate change. The facility will also supply 25 tons of heat per hour to the food industry.
  • The Ridham Dock combined heat-and-power biomass power plant owned by the German Mannheim energy company (MVV Energie) is located 30 km southeast of London and is designed to have an electrical output of 23 MW. It will use about 172,000 tons of old timber per year to generate almost 188 million kilowatt hours of electricity a year, enough to cover the electricity needs of 60,000 houses. The plant is scheduled to be operational in spring 2015.

Metso’s automation solutions play a significant role in managing waste-to-energy plants successfully whilst providing critical information on process performance. At biomass-to-energy plants, automation from Metso contributes to maximizing incineration capacity, keeping combustion and steam production stable whilst allowing high production process availability.

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Biomass CHP included in UK low carbon subsidy scheme

Biomass CHP is included among eight renewable energy projects totalling 4.5 GW, which have had contracts signed under the UK government’s new low-carbon subsidy regime.

The projects also include coal-to-biomass conversion plants and dedicated biomass plants with combined heat and power within the UK.

The contracts were awarded under DECC’s final investment decision enabling for renewables (FID-ER) process that offered an early version of the Contracts for Difference support system that will replace the Renewables Obligation.

FID-ER was designed to help developers “take final or other critical investment decisions, directly impacting on the time to commissioning their project”

Biomass schemes include: Drax’s 645 MW conversion project in North Yorkshire; Lynemouth Power’s 420 MW conversion project in Northumberland; and MGT Power’s 299 MW dedicated biomass CHP project on Teesside.

Energy Minister Michael Fallon said the eight facilities will provide around 15TWh or 14 per cent of the renewable electricity expected to come forward by 2020.

They will reduce around 10 Mt CO2 from the UK power sector per annum compared to fossil fuel generation.

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Biomass plant opens at Irish dairy site

Aurivo, a multipurpose agricultural co-operative, has opened a biomass plant at its Dairy Ingredients site in Ballaghadareen, Ireland.

The facility will operate as a combined heat and power plant, with Aurivo expecting to begin selling on excess energy to the national grid by 2016. It will use 30,000 tonnes of woodchips annually, sources from Aurivo’s subsidiary company ECC Teoranta near Galway.

‘With the heavy burden of energy costs impacting business performance across Ireland, the facility opening greatly helps us on our path to sustained international growth,’ comments Aurivo CEO Aaron Forde.

The new €5.25 million facility will cut Aurivo Dairy Ingredients’ reliance on heavy fuel oil by over 70% and its carbon emissions by 50%.

‘Fuelled by Irish biomass, projects such as this will lessen our dependence on imported fossil fuels,’ Taoiseach Enda Kenny was quoted as saying. ‘Our agri-food industry needs to stay innovative if we are to keep Irish exports strong.’

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