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Durham city center receives 100 kW hydroelectric power project

Developers of a mixed-use project in Durham City, England, have installed a 100 kW Archimedes screw turbine that will provide about 75% of the energy needed by the complex.

Located at the new Freeman’s Reach scheme, the area is being developed by a consortium consisting of Carillion Developments, Arlington Real Estate and Richardsons Capital LLP. The project is the United Kingdom’s first such city center to be planned with the incorporation of a hydroelectric power element, the developers said.

The 13-meter long, 20 ton turbine unit was manufactured by Spaans Babcock Ltd. and was also designed to help improve fish passage along the River Weir. The inclusion of the turbine helped Freeman’s Reach earn an “A”-Rated Energy Performance Certificate and BREEAM Excellent status.

The unit is expected to begin generating power in the fall.

“The hydro turbine is a great example of the innovative methods we are employing in order to achieve the highest possible standards of sustainability in this very important location,” Arlington Real Estate managing director Allan Cook said. “It is a testament to what can be achieved when the development team engaged positively with stakeholders to design a solution that works for all parties.”

The location has a long history of hydropower, developers said, with the weir fueling the medieval Bishop’s Mill more than 800 years ago. More recently, hydroelectricity was generated by a turbine installed during the 1930s that powered buildings and an ice skating rink.

“We are pleased to have been able to continue a long tradition of energy generation at Freeman’s Reach,” Carillion Developments director Neil McMillan said. “This 21st Century technology will harness the power of the River Weir for many years to come.”

The site of the new Archimedes screw will also include a visitor site called the Energy Centre, which will feature a public art installation charting the history of energy generation on the site.

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Scottish Renewables Calls for UK Pumped-Storage Development

European trade organization Scottish Renewables has announced a call for a new body intended to examine the potential of pumped-storage hydroelectric power within the United Kingdom.

The group has asked the UK and Scottish governments to form joint panel to review how pumped-storage could benefit Europe.

The UK’s pumped-storage sector could equate to nearly US$1.7 billion in investments while creating hundreds of jobs during construction and operation, Scottish Renewables said, though pumped-storage is not currently recognized by the UK’s new Electricity Market Reform (EMR) framework.

“The case for new pumped-storage has never been stronger than it is today,” Scottish Renewables Senior Policy Manager Joss Blamire said. “That is why the renewables industry is calling on the UK and Scottish governments to establish an inter-governmental panel to consider how this technology should be supported for the benefit of our energy security, environment and the consumer.”

A position paper released during Scottish Renewables’ recent meeting in Perth is available via the group’s website here.

The paper highlights a number of pumped-storage’s unique attributes, including its ability to provide balancing and reactive energy, and how it can be used to increase the effectiveness of the UK’s other renewable sources.

“This tried and tested energy storage technology can also help facilitate our transition to a low-carbon future, ensuring that renewable energy can be stored when it is generated and used as required,” Blamire said.

The organization said it has also written to Minister of Energy, Enterprise and Tourism Fergus Ewing and Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey, encouraging them to establish the review panel.

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22-MW Jamie Creek hydropower plant begins commercial operation

Renewable energy developer Boralex has commissioned its 22-MW Jamie Creek hydroelectric plant.

Located near Gold Bridge, British Columbia, the run-of-river plant is the company’s first high-head project. The facility features two water intakes, consisting of a bypass line longer than 1.1 km and a penstock pipe of more than 2.6 km that supply two Pelton turbines.

“After a year of construction, we’re proud of the newest addition to our asset portfolio,” Boralex president and CEO Patrick Lemaire said. “Boralex has over 20 years’ experience building and operating hydroelectric assets, which it leveraged to complete this project and will continue leveraging over the assets lifetime.”

Power generated at Jamie Creek will be sold under a 40-yeaer contract to BC Hydro. The utility also has rights to a 20-year renewal period.

HydroWorld.com reported this past August that Boralex had acquired the project from Sequoia Energy Inc. Boralex said in November 2012 that hydropower remains an important asset for the company.

“The commissioning of Jamie Creek is a perfect fit with our growth strategy aimed primarily at hydroelectric and wind power assets covered by long-term contracts,” Lemaire said. “It also expands our footprint in British Columbia, where Boralex now has 36.5 MW of hydroelectric power and is actively pursuing development efforts.”

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