Sweden sets goal of fossil-free economy

By 2030, Sweden plans to become a fossil fuel-free country and wants be one of the world’s first fossil fuel-free welfare states.

Minister for Strategic Development and Nordic Cooperation Kristina Persson, dubbed the “minister for the future” by the government, said the goal can be achieved by breaking the link between economic growth and increased emissions :

“Since the mid-1990s, Sweden is one of few industrialised countries that has managed a decoupling of economic growth and GHG emissions, creating a rising economy paired with falling emission levels”, said Kristina Persson.

The Swedish government explained greenhouse gas emissions are down 22 percent from 1990 levels. Swedish gross domestic product grew 58 percent during that time. That’s far less, however, when weighed against major economies like the United States.

EU member states are obligated to use renewable resources for 20 percent of their energy consumption by 2020. Eurostat, the region’s statistics officer, reported Bulgaria, Estonia and Sweden were the only three in the bloc to reach their targets ahead of schedule.

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